Injection Foam Facts

Injection Foam Facts

Injection Foam Facts

Injection Foam Insulation is a wonderful product. However, some manufacturer’s claims need to be closely scrutinized. Look at the facts and judge for yourself. 

R-501® and RetroFoam® R-Value

PolyMaster R-501 Yields Higher R-Values than Industry Standards

R-11.05 in 8” 105 lb. density block

R-20.0 in 12” 120 lb. density block

Quoted from and Current R-501® Literature.

Tripolymer® Phenolic Resin

“Is Tripolymer® Foam a Urea-Formaldehyde Product?

No. Tripolymer is a unique phenolic-based product.”

Quoted from, Frequently Asked Questions.

Core-Fill 500™ 4-Hour Firewall

“Minimum four (4) hour fire resistance wall rating (ASTM E-119) for 8” and 12” concrete masonry units when used in standard two (2) hour rated CMUs.”

Quoted from, Specifications, Part 2, 2.02, B. 1. Fire-Resistance Ratings.

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